Organic syrup Raspberry with hibiscus

Raspberries – everyone loves these sweet summer princesses full of sunshine. Whether you eat them in a cake or your grandmother’s jam. Raspberries support sight, strengthen blood vessels and lower cholesterol. In addition, they stimulate your metabolism and purify blood. Hibiscus has antibacterial effects, lowers blood pressure, helps with fever and ensures the proper functioning … Continued

Organic syrup Apple with cinnamon

An apple is a hard worker with a pure heart. Sweet, juicy and refreshing. Cinnamon-respected Ayurvedic healer. So these two came together to form an elixir that has no competitor. And now you can have it too. Plus, you can be sure that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. It will help you … Continued

Organic syrup Elderflower with lemon

Elderflower is a strong chap, that will gladly give you its healing power when it is stored in sweet juice. With its delicate flowers, it can detect first symptoms of a cold or cough and will become a great partner while fighting a fever. Elderflower is traditionally used for detoxification and asthma and allergy healing. … Continued